Flexible Transmission


Cable Linkage

Cable LinkageUses:

  • Transmitting motion between two points

ASYST Technologies Benefits:

  • Simple attachment method – snaps onto E5 stem
  • Cable can be incorporated into an assembly eliminating a second P/N
  • Solves difficult to reach access point issues
  • Design assistance available for allowable bend radius and recommended mounting points




Adjustable Wire Guides

PIBS Push In Boss System

PIBS™  (Push-In Boss System)


  • To be used as a wire or shaft guide





PIBS Push In Boss System

ASYST Technologies Benefits:

  • Fast push-in assembly greatly reduces assembly time compared to screw assembly
  • Quick flip-clamp hinge adjusts to multiple wire loom diameters, center rib secures loom
  • Centric & compact design allows wire routing in any direction needed
  • Short overall length fits in tight spaces with as little as 12mm of boss depth
  • Installs in thin-walled molded boss, blind holes and through holes
  • High pull-out resistance securely retains in a variety of materials
  • Eliminates hoop stress and thick wall boss associated with screw